Saturday, 18 August 2012

Your Questions About Singles Vacations Over 40

Lizzie asks…Do I have a right to ask if she has a boyfriend?1 night I met these 2 older ladies (both 40). I asked one out over text, and she said "call me when I get back in town ;)" (shes on vacation). Her friend then told me she has a boyfriend while we were out one night. So I texted the girl I like and asked her if she had a boyfriend...That was yesterday and I have yet to receive a reply.

I am feeling bad about asking her if she had a boyfriend now. Mabye I should have kept my mouth shut, but I felt I had a right to know after I asked her out, and she didnt mention him. Her reply lead

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Friday, 17 August 2012

Your Questions About Single Holidays Over 40

Susan asks…Is it true that marriage has no benefits to a man?Tom Leykis, he says that men do not benefit from marriage.

These are his tenets:

•$40.00 Limit - Never spend then $40 no a date.

•3 Dates Rule - Stop seeing the girl if you do not get laid after the third date.

•No Means No - If she says no then, STOP, get your stuff, and leave.

•Single Mothers - Never date single mothers.

•Tabasco Sauce - After having sex pour Tabasco sauce into the used condom.

•Co-worker Relationships - Never date a co-worker.

•Approaching Women in Groups - Never approach a woman in a club

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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Your Questions About Single Holidays Over 40

Donald asks…questioning about my life?I'm 22 years of age
And I depend on sites called "myyearbook" to get girls. Let me tell you it's probably safer and smarter to meet girls in person, then online. Well that's one of my issues I’m having, and it's a sad thing, me being a good looking guy , I depend on myyearbook to get girls, it’s very weird . Another issue I have is that people can be fake or just not care about anybody expects themselves. So that being said, I don't receive any phones calls, text messages, or anything from anybody, I just recently got my heart broken from my

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Your Questions About Single Holidays Over 40

Nancy asks…Parents- do you believe your children should have the best education you sacrifice fun?What do you believe is right for your children? I have a friend who pays 40 thousand each for them to attend a private senior boarding school (they don't board? Coming home with three pieces of home work pet night- two if lucky. All their time is spent doing this home work or school related things, I talk about the fun things we did as a family over the holidays (6 weeks) camping, swimming, theme parks, walks, beach etc good fun! All they will have done is stuff for school, study, chores. We

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